Businesses facing performance, management or succession issues

Entrepreneurial, family run or other businesses that have been run for long periods by a few key managers can face succession and competence issues when trying to map a way forward.  Sometimes external changes strain the ability of the existing management team, resulting in performance issues.

Client Situation

Project Scope


  This publicly traded marketing company had started a process of changing selected senior executives and was facing severe profitability and liquidity issues.  
  • Streamlined performance and financial reporting; improved reliability and relevance
  • Developed pricing model; changed pricing methodology
  • Restructured finance area
  • Performed responsibility mapping
  • Built business model
  • Led equity and debt financing efforts
  • Performed transition executive role
bullet Successful equity financing
bullet Successful dept financing
bullet Operationally-based forecasting tool
bullet Improved controls
bullet Improved performance
  The two major shareholders of this multi-unit enterprise had divergent assessments and plans for growth.   
  • Assessed organizational strengths, weaknesses, competitive positioning
  • Defined strategies
  • Participated in board meetings
  • Assessed organization and management team
  • Advised and assisted in potential transactions
bullet Presented Strategic Plan to owners
bullet The owners decided to have one owner by out the other
  Two brothers had recently purchased this company, but recognized that with the changing competitive environment, with shrinking margins and escalating costs, they needed to change the business  
  • Assessed organizational strengths, weaknesses, competitive positioning
  • Reviewed operational cost structure; recommended corrective actions
  • Analyzed market positioning and steps to improve
  • Managed strategy implementation process
  • Built business financial model
bullet Developed a strategic plan and "blueprint" for action with owners
bullet Company implemented most of plan with stellar results


  This business struggled with achieving consistent profitability, lacked senior financial management and required financing.   
  • Identified and analyzed performance issues
  • Built business financial model
  • Validated cash flow
  • Participated in investor meetings
  • Initiated and negotiated disposition of non-core business
  • Performed transition executive roles
bullet Successfully secured operating line
bullet Recruited CFO
bullet Marketed non-core business, securing LOI



A publicly traded professional services company that recognized it needed to address its relatively flat performance


  • Assessed organizational strengths, weaknesses, competitive positioning
  • Reviewed operational cost structure
  • Analyzed market positioning and steps to improve
  • Defined strategies
  • Initiated acquisitions
bullet Gained approval for acquisition strategy from Board



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