Companies suffering from stagnant growth

Products go through a life cycle and businesses can reach a point where they no longer are growing, and even if still profitable, run the risk of going into a phase of slow, sustained long-term decline

Client Situation

Project Scope


  This businessís European parent was impatient with the lack of progress and clear direction.  
  • Assessed organizational strengths, weaknesses, competitive positioning
  • Reviewed operational cost structure; recommended corrective actions
  • Analyzed market positioning and steps to improve
  • Performed responsibility mapping and change recommendations
  • Defined strategies and strategic plan
bullet Strategic plan accepted "as presented" by the parent company
bullet Canadian business entity implemented plan with significant improvement in results
  This Canadian-based business had emerged from a long downturn and was being pressured by shareholder groups to adopt a more aggressive course of action  
  • Assessed strategic options available to the company
  • Modeled and quantified alternatives
  • Participated in Board meetings
  • Advised and assisted in potential transactions
bullet Defined alternatives to Board, securing clear strategic direction for
  A European-based multi-billion dollar company recognized that its smaller machine manufacturing subsidiary was a non-core underperforming business.  
  • Identified and analyzed performance issues
  • Assessed company product and business unit portfolio
  • Built business financial model
  • Validated cash flow, implemented treasury function
  • Developed enterprise value ranges
  • Implemented divestitures strategy
  • Performed transition executive role
bullet Team successfully sold the business at many times original estimated value to a Private Equity group


  The Canadian division of a large multinational recognized that one of its divisions was no longer considered as part of its core business  
  • Assisted in development of strategic analysis and alternatives
  • Assessed alternatives for spin-off of company
  • Developed financial model to determine capital requirements
  • Positioned project for presentation to parent
bullet Analysis of alternatives
bullet Financial model and plan to support potential financing
bullet Assisted in preparation of presentation to parent company
bullet Acquisition of parent led to shift in strategic direction, spin-off was shelved.





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